District 17

Changi, Flora, Loyang

Popularly known as the place where Singapore’s Changi International Airport is situated, District 17 encompasses Changi and Loyang. This district also marries old and new elements – the historical remnants of World War II and the modern façade of Singapore’s aerospace industry.


Changi, whilst traditionally perceived as far is one of the most family friendly neighbourhoods with lots of spacious properties, due to the generally lower cost of land here. However, all this might change with the hyper pace of developments and increased lifestyle options residents will have with the upcoming Jewel Integrated lifestyle hub at Changi airport. There are many huge bungalows and condominiums in the Changi area, with several education institutions to choose from. It is also in close proximity to the airport for those who travel frequently. Japanese contemporary art powerhouse Team Build, who were also behind the popular exhibition FUTURE WORLD, which showed at the MBS Art Science Museum in mid 2018. An iconic rain vortex will act as Changi Jewel’s centrepiece.

Perfect For

Those who don’t mind living further from the city centre but nearer to the airport and it’s related amenities. People working near Changi.

Lifestyle Vibes

Living near to the airpot used to be frowned upon, with Changi Airport always progressing with new lifestyle options, that may change.

The Market

Not all condos here appreciate well, while some are cheaper than town areas - choosing a clear winner takes extensive research.

Fall In Love With

Being near to the airport for those much needed last minute value-buy airline ticket fuelled getaways, the upcoming developments.


Known as Tanjung Rusa in the 1600s, Changi was later renamed Tanjung Changi in the 1800s. Changi is actually a name of a plant that was grown in the area. Currently, Changi is predominantly a spacious area with very little buildings, with its narrow streets lined by angsana and palm trees. A perfect and idyllic place for picnics, Changi is often the preferred place for a weekend family picnic. The residential areas are mainly populated by people working in the nearby airline companies.

In the past, the British cleared the area fto build military barracks, administrative quarters, an airbase, a hospital in 1926 and the Changi Prison in 1936. These historical buildings still exist today. An important World War II site, Changi Prison kept about 7,000 to 8,000 prisoners of war (POW) during the time. Prominent POWs included H.L.A Hart, a British jurist and law philosopher.


Between Changi and Pasir Ris lies Loyang, a small residential and industrial area. It is also known as Kampong Loyang. While the origin of the name “Loyang” is unknown, this name is a variation of “Luo Yang”, a city in China. The biggest estate that is near Loyang is Pasir Ris, which is located across the road from Loyang.


Historical places of interest in Changi include Changi Chapel and Museum, Changi Prison and Changi Hospital. These places date back to World War II. Other places of interest include the Changi Exhibition Centre where the Singapore Airshow is held annually and Changi Village. Chalets, such as the Aloha Loyang and NTUC Changi Village, give you the ideal rest and relax experience that you need. You can also savour Changi Village’s famous nasi lemak located in Changi Village Hawker Centre. Besides food, Changi Village is also a place for water sports and golf. You can enjoy these sports at the Changi Sailing Club, the Changi Beach Club and the Changi Golf Club. Pulau Ubin is a popular island which is accessible through the Changi Point terminal. Schools in the area include the Japanese School and Singapore Aviation Academy.

At Loyang, there is a unique temple, the Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple, which houses Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist deities and a Muslim shrine in one compound. Home of the Walt Disney TV in Singapore, Loyang’s high-tech industrial centre also houses the Changi International Logistics Centre, SIA Engine Test Centre and G.E. Aircraft Engine, amongst other things.


There is the Changi Airport MRT Station in Changi for transportation convenience. Bus services to the city centre and to other parts of Singapore are available at the nearby Changi Airport PTB 1, 2 & 3 Bus Terminal located at the basement levels of Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

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